About Us

PUK Production

PUK Launched in April 2020. The business came about before then when we launched Shower Bar in 2019 having spend 18 months developing the idea and product.

The ethos behind our products is to change how we shower by moving back to what is a fantastic traditional product - soap! We all need to reduce our consumption of plastics, especially those that we use for a brief period and then discard. 

It baffled us that given the media attention being given to this critical issue the larger companies were simply continuing to manufacturer gels in plastic bottles and the movement back towards soap was entirely in the hands of small independent manufacturers. Visit any supermarket and you will find a few old brands of soap but nothing specifically aimed at showering. 

Having been soap users for many years we wanted to show it was an easy switch and by mating our new Shower Soaps to our unique travel cases we further enhance the usability of Shower Bar and Shower PUK.

In Shower Bar & Shower PUK we want to change attitudes and drive these simple, well made, environmentally conscious products to a larger audience.

PUK is simple, effective and a great companion at home or on the road. 


We welcome any feedback or questions. 

Please email us at: showerpuk@gmail.com